Egy barbecue vacsora közben történt a szörnyű baleset.

A 26 éves Amber Esala a függetlenség napját ünnepelte barátjával, Kyle-val és 11 hónapos kislányával. Egy kerti BBQ partit csaptak, ahová meghívták a barátaikat. A vacsora esten a szomszédok is részt vettek, akik hozták a német juhász kutyájukat. Az eb a tüzijáték miatt ijedt meg, és rátámadt Amberre. A képeken is látható, hogy mennyire súlyos sérüléseket okozott a nőnek: kiharapott a szájából egy darabot, és az orra is kettészakadt - írja a

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, USA: Amber was left with her lip hanging off following the attack. THIS WOMAN was left with her lip hanging off and her nose sliced in two after a dog attacked her at a barbeque. Network marketer, Amber Esala (26) who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, had a full day of celebrations planned for her favourite holiday, Independence Day, on July 4 of this year. With her boyfriend, Kyle (24) and daughter, Raelynn (11 months), Amber had decorated her house and driveway especially for the occasion and they enjoyed a celebratory barbeque in their garden that afternoon. Later that evening they were sitting in the garden with their neighbours, who were dog sitting a German Shepherd for the evening, when all of a sudden fireworks being set off in the distance spooked the dog and it attacked Amber's face. The shock attack left Amber?s upper lip hanging off and her nose sliced through. She was rushed to hospital by ambulance and spent 10 hours in A&E whilst she waited for her face to be stitched up. When Amber was discharged from hospital the next day, she was worried that Raelynn, who was asleep when the attack happened, would be frightened of her due to her injuries. As soon as Amber arrived home, Raelynn embraced her, and Amber?s doubts disappeared. Now over a month since the accident, Amber suffers from night terrors and sometimes feels sad when she looks in the mirror. Although she finds it difficult to smile due to the loss of sensation in her face, Amber is determined to not let herself be defined by her scars and is instead embracing them as a sign of being a warrior. Mediadrumworld/ Amber Esala ***EXCLUSIVE***Forrás: NORTHFOTO/Mediadrumworld/ Amber Esala/Mediadrumworld/ Amber Esala