A háromgyerekes családanya rájött, hogy biszexuális, ezért felhagyott az egyházzal és vetkőzni kezdett.

A 36 éves Nikole Mitchell szigorú baptista családban nevelkedett, mégis arról álmodozott, hogy egyszer sztriptíztáncosnő lesz belőle. Nikole lelkészként dolgozott egy kaliforniai evangelista gyülekezetben, és három gyermeke is született. Élete akkor változott meg, amikor rádöbbent, hogy biszexuális. Ekkor elhagyta az egyházat és azóta a testéből él. Nikole az OnlyFans nevű oldalon vetkőzik és a követői rengeteg pénz küldenek neki.

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This life I have built didn’t come about by accident. It came by intentional design. ❤️I had to lean in and learn to trust myself. ❤️I had to learn how to tune out all other voices so I could tune into my own. ❤️I had to work through each fear that crossed my path so I could live from a place of love. ❤️I had to be willing to step out and do what was unconventional for what felt right in my soul. ❤️I had to be willing to be misunderstood for the sake of fulfilling my mission. ❤️I had to leave what once worked for me to find what better served me. ❤️I had to release what was no longer meant for me so I could receive everything that was. And here I am. Fully embodied. Fully expressed. Fully empowered. Unstoppable. Undeniable. Unfuckwithable. And I am the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest I have ever been. ❤️ And the world is picking up on that vibe The world is more ready than ever for you to live an unleashed and untamed life. And you are more ready than you think. I am now offering weekly group coaching calls from now until the rest of 2020 for those of who you are ready to rise up and become everything you’re meant to be. I will guide you, support you, and show you how good life can get (and how much money you can make) by BEING the fullest expression of you.❤️ It can happen so much sooner than you think. We start Monday, and I would love to have you in there. Sign up at the link in my bio under “Unfuckwithable Intensive”. (You know where to find this uncensored photo ) : @krazedphotography

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