Valódi nők mutatják meg bikinis testüket a strandokon és a közösségi oldalakon. Büszkén vállalják idomaikat és tökéletlenségüket.

Minden test bikinitest: ezzel a mottóval tesznek ki magukról fürdőruhás képet a közösségi oldalra azok a nők, akiket nem modellalkattal áldott meg a természet. Narancsbőr, bőrhibák, hurkák: mindezt bátran vállalják, elfogadták önmagukat és jól érzik magukat a bőrükben. Nem foglalkoznak a szépségideálokkal, többé nem rejtegetik tökéletlenségüket, büszkén jelennek meg a strandon.

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I'm fat and my boyfriend is white. Get over it. There are far worse things happening on this planet. This constant conversation about health is absurd. What does that have to do with my swimsuit? What does it have to do with how my boyfriend loves me? Absolutely nothing. You look at pictures of me and assume that sit around eating and doing nothing. That's untrue. But what if I did? It is none of your business. The thought of a happy fat person bothers so many people. And it's stupid. I had an eating disorder for many years. I ruined my stomach trying to lose weight. And I lost weight. I was still plus size. People still called me fat. And the people who DID say I "looked amazing" had no idea that I was fainting from being hungry. That I would go home and cry myself to sleep because I couldn't take it anymore. That I wanted to die because I was so depressed. But I "looked amazing". Yet inside I felt like trash. I was doing what people wanted. I lost weight and lost myself. I will NEVER go back to that. I love myself so much now. I fought really hard to become the Sabrina you see today. I'm not the ideal standard of beauty. And I will never be. And I don't ever want to be. I'm my own kind of beautiful. And screw you if you have an issue with my happiness. I lost a lot of time living for others. That I can't get back. But I can keep living for ME. Please live. Please fight. DO YOU!!! #findyouraddison #confidencetakestime #iamwhatsunderneath #body4me

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