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A Katy Perry Collections néven futó – eddig cipőket forgalmazó – cége ezúttal táskák tervezésbe vágta a fejszéjét. Az énekesnő táskakollekciója teljesen áttetsző, olyan akár egy szatyor. Vagy mint egy akvárium?

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#ShoesdayTuesday #TroutdayTuesday #KatyPursey @katyperrycollections Posted @withregram • @veryharryhill Fish in my Katy Perry tote checckkkkk! Ok so anytime a clear bag comes into my possession, the first question that comes to mind is: if I put an Almond Joy in this bag, will that disgust and detract potential robbers? Kidding. That’s the second question. The first is: can this be an aquarium? And if so, for what? In this case, the answer is YES! The Katy Perry pineapple tote can 1000% house 3 yellowtail trout comfortably. Alert Vogue! I know, I know - you’re thinking “wow, I never knew Harry was into marine biology.” And you’re probably right (although I eat a lot of seaweed and think Sara Paxton and Emma Roberts were AMAZING in Aquamarine, a marine biology classic). But I AM into @katyperry and her @katyperrycollections bags! And I’m delighted that they decided to hooketteuppe with a new fish tank. Err, tote. Speaking of Katy Perry, she just gave birth to DAISY BLOOM, her first child with Orlando Bloom! Head over to @unicef (ok random acts of charity queen) to see their birth announcement! Katy if you ever need someone to babysit kidding but I can totally find you a sitter cuz I don’t do babies lol PS thank you to to my team of ethical fishermen who made this shoot happen - Gwen literally made me do it ON the pontoon so that we could catch and release within minutes. Just in case any of you were under the impression that I currently have 3 fish swimming around in a purse at the foot of my bed. (Which, in your defense, is probably something I’d do.)

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