Bódi Sylvi az ágyból, a macskájával szelfizett: fotó

2018.08.30. 17:35

Bódi Sylvi megtörte a csendet: cicáját ölelve intim fotót posztolt az ágyból.

Bódi Sylvi ismét hírt adott magáról. Mint ismeretes,a gyönyörű modell néhány hete bejelentette, most egy időre eltűnik a nyilvánosság elől és csak ritkán jelentkezik. Most azonban a rajongók legnagyobb örömére ismét posztolt közösségi oldalára, nem is akármilyen fotót: cicájával, Simbával összebújva az ágyban látható.

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Hi guys, this is Simba. I stole mommy’s phone, so I can give you a little update about the happenings of the last 2 weeks. Phew, the journey on the big metal bird to get here was pretty rough! I had no clue what was happening. It wasn’t my favourite but in the end we can say it was a cool adventure. In this new house I found an epic hiding place that I didn’t leave for 2 days. Even though mommy was begging on her knees, offering drinks and food, I showed no interest at all. On the 3rd day I kind of had enough of sulking, so I was willing to eat a few bites. Meanwhile I started to get curious of the place, so at night when no one could see me, I snuck out from my bunker and explored the house. I like the property, so I quickly took possession. And then one day, mommy opened the gate to the garden of Eden!! Imagine that guys! I was so amazed by nature! For me, who was a “concrete jungle” cat for 12 years, it was a huge thing to run around in the wilderness. I have explored our garden already but so far I haven’t gone further away.Yet!!!☝ I always make sure to cause some head ache for mommy. It’s enough if I just jump out of the window in the dark and don’t get back for a while. I always come back though, I just like to give some time for mommy to worry a bit. She is pretty cool though, there are times when we cruise together in the garden. Yesterday she was trying to coach me in the art of tree climbing, not like I don’t know how it’s done(but if there is any four pawed friends out there who could give me some tips, as these humans with their funny front paws make it look super easy, however they don’t half look out of place stuck in a tree )I haven’t managed to catch me one of those gophers yet, but I’ve been scoring plenty of moths. I’m a super happy cat here. My Mum is buzzing here also. She’s really enjoying the peace and quiet and being close to nature and slow, simple life. She cooks, washes and cleans (This is my favourite part as when she mops the floors I get to elegantly leave my paw prints in such artistic patterns! )exercises and goes running. Yesterday I heard her tell somebody that... Oops she’s coming back, l’ve gotta dash!

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