Blogot vezet a kétgyermekes édesanya, Laura, aki nemcsak magáról és gyermekeiről oszt meg vicces fotókat, hanem celebeket is szeret parodizálni. Most egy fürdőruhamodell lett a kiszemeltje. 

Életének számos pillanatát megosztja követőivel a kétgyermekes édesanya, Laura. Knee Deep In Life nevű blogján nemcsak gyermekeiről és magáról oszt meg humoros fotókat, hanem olykor sztárok parodizálására is vetemedik – írja a Mirror

Most egy fürdőruhamodell került pellengére, aki egy haspólóban és egy pici bugyiban feszít a reklámfotón. Laura azonban úgy gondolta, nem veri magát költségekbe. Szegény ember vízzel főz alapon a gyermekei ruháit aggatta magára. Meglehetősen sok helyen kilógott az aprócska ruhadarabokból, így néhány emotikonnal kellett elfednie a kényes részeket. Rajongói imádják a képet. 

 De az is megesett már, hogy Victoria Beckhamet szemelte ki magának: 

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

GOOGLE GOALS.... FLEX LIKE BECKS.... When you tell everyone you're going to the gym to work on your acro yoga moves but you fuck it off for a bag of Maltesers, and pyjamas. 150,000 FOLLOWERS. my mind is fucking blown. I get told constantly you wish you had my confidence and that I inspire you, that you wish you could be me. 2 years ago, this wasn't me, I had hideous body dismorphia and I obsessed with the women who seemed so perfect no doubt with their perfectly tight vagina because they seemed to have it made, I assumed you they had a fuck more glamour in their lives than my shit stain toilet, bedroom that looked like a vampires lunch box when I'm on my period and a vagina like a pair of net curtains dragging on the floor. Turns out I am now that person you all look at on wonder and I just want to tell you I got here because of you, because you continue to empower me, encourage me and remind me why I do what I do. Do you see how easy that is?? To make another woman feel worthy??? We just need to act like the legends we were destined to be and actually lift each other up, not tear each other down. I will continue to shout from the roof tops that you are worthy because I have seen first hand that our words can do truly incredible things. All we have to do it turn to the person next to us and say I think your fucking amazing, I think you are beautiful, I believe in you, we can do this together. Let's do it! Unless the person next to you is a total wank stain, them may be just high five them in the face. Wish a fish. Gently. Because I really don't want to promote violence. Love you guys and while I understand this could all come to a crashing end tomorrow (I might just need to be put to sleep like a dying dog if that happens) I know I've ridden this incredible rollercoaster and I have met incredible people, made you smile and reminded you that you're totally good enough. Seriously though, why the fuck haven't I had a guest spot on Loose Women and where is my Tena lady endorsement deal?? 2019, we've got this! Steve told me the vampires lunch box is gross, naturally that meant I kept it in. Fuck yes, we rock. @Victoriabeckham #googlegoals #funnyphoto

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