Rengeteget dolgozik a testén a modell, Bódi Sylvi. Az eredményt pedig rajongóinak is megmutatja szexi fotókon. 

A természet lágy ölén láthatjuk Bódi Sylvi modellt a legújabb fotóin. Már többször bebizonyosodott, hogy rengeteget dolgozik a testén. Az is előfordult már, hogy megmutatta, hogyan edzi magát a rúdtánc segítségével

Úgy tűnik, hogy meg is van az eredménye. Szexi alakját most egy aprócska bikiniben mutatta meg. 

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I love the ocean and waves. Surfing makes me complete and puts me in harmony with my soul. ‍♀ But there is one more thing that makes me even more happier and this is the forest. Or the jungle. The greener and more dense it is the better. I feel endless calm while walking in the forest. My heart is at peace, my soul feels that I came home. I can’t get enough of admiring the various plants... Each of them is a unique creation. I love to lay my eyes on the fresh sprouts, young leaves, crops and flowers. While I walk among them I feel their presence and gently touch them. Here for instance I love the mimosa which reacts so intensely to touch, it quickly closes its tiny leaves. First my grandfather showed me this plant in the botanical garden of my home town where he often took me. I truly loved those occassions! While we were wondering around the garden, he tought me the names of different trees and bushes. Here was the first time when I saw mimosa. As a little girl I thought it was by magic that from a gentle touch the leaves of this fragile plant closed. I believed it was a miracle! Well, not much has changed since then... ☺ Even though I have grown up and see lots of mimosas on my exotic travels, I still feel the same feeling, the mixture of excitement and enthusiasm when I touch a mimosa. The meaning of my name is forest or a woman from the forest. My mum chose this name because she knew that I was going to have a very deep connection with the forest...? Or this strong bonding happened because my name is Szilvia...? Im not sure what is the answer, but if I could, I would live in a forest... I would be so happy having a cute tree house! It must be so wonderful living in nature, becoming one with it... @cliff_swimwear #Plants #Forest #Jungle #Mimosa #Thoughts #JungleGirl #Micronesia #Pohnpei #Nature #SylviBodi

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